Our Services

An Innovative Solution

QuarterCompany allows you to outsource the non-mission criti­cal functions that keep you from what should be your primary focus. We begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the business and make formal recommendations to maximize your organization’s resources. This facilitates the transition into installing our Innovative Solution, a proprietary template which all but eliminates your need to manage an extensive list of financial and general operational functions. As added value, we will connect you with our network of strategic alliances comprised of companies from over 50 business sectors who will be providing special offerings unavailable to you directly. All of these efforts will be overseen by our high-level finance and business executives allowing you to take advantage of experience you otherwise would not likely afford.

QuarterCompany is the answer to addressing these common challenges:

  • Fighting the ongoing battle of need vs. budget
  • Cash flow issues
  • The inability to afford quality and experienced staff
  • Untimely and inaccurate financial statements & budgets
  • Contract and/or grant reporting and compliance requirements
  • Human resource issues
  • Other administrative headaches
Client Services

Following our initial assessment of your organization’s objectives, systems, and financial operations, we’ll provide:

  • Bookkeeping Services with Executive Oversight
  • Timely Financial Statement Preparation
  • Grant and Contract Administration
  • Short-term and Long-term Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Human Resources & Payroll Processing
  • Insurance Schedule Maintenance
  • Access to Client-only Web Services & Resources
  • A Feature in the QuarterCompany Monthly Newsletter
  • Account Management for Relationships with QuarterCompany Strategic Alliances
Starting Something New?

QuarterCompany also provides start-up services for those individuals or groups who desire to establish a new organization, or a new initiative within their existing one. This is essential to non-profits or start-up businesses without start-up experience as any lack of awareness leads to unanticipated and often unnecessary obstacles that stand in the way of converting a vision into a practical reality. Our expert staff can provide you with the guidance and support you need to ensure the successful launch of your new company.